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11 May 2021
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11 May 2021

Good Hemp cream

Good Hemp has made its first foray into supplying ingredients with the launch of a dairy-free hemp cream concentrate – an innovation it has described as a ‘world first’.

The Devon-based company – which has a range of branded milk alternatives listed across the mults – has designed its new cream for use in UHT and extended shelf-life products and has particularly targeted the ingredient at dairy alternatives, prepared meals and ice creams.

Made using hemp seed and water, the cream will come in three variants for different levels of processing – 70% cream concentrate, 40% cream emulsion and 20% cream emulsion – and will be manufactured at Good Hemp’s grade A BRC-accredited manufacturing facility.

“This is a remarkable product that we are now making available to all plant-based food and drink manufacturers,” said Good Hemp MD David Shaw.

“It’s a pure, clean-tasting cream made from sustainable hemp, enabling producers to gain the added value nutritional and environmental benefits of hemp in their products whilst complementing the desired taste profile.”

The nutritional benefits for host products included protein, fibre and key fatty acids like omega-3, Good Hemp added.

Meanwhile, the fact that hemp could be grown in just 100 days without the use of pesticides and absorbs CO2 in the process meant it boasted good environmental credentials, the company claimed, making it a sustainable alternative to other plant-based ingredients that have been criticised for their environmental impact, such as soy and almond.

The launch comes a matter of months after Good Hemp unveiled an oat and hemp milk alternative – its sixth branded plant-based drink. It has also recently created a hemp-based drink with a CBD element. While the business said there were currently no plans to add CBD to its new cream ingredient, it did not rule out making such a move in the future.

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