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Kraft Heinz has launched a store on eBay, selling a range of 24-tin Beanz bundles and 24-pack baby snacks.

The brand launched an official store on the auction platform this week, with the bundles offered for ‘buy it now’ prices, rather than open to bidding.

The move comes just a month after Heinz partnered with Deliveroo to offer a menu consisting of five different Beanz burgers and several sides for delivery across London. Heinz launched its first consumer-facing e-commerce site – Heinz to Home – in April last year.

“We have one of the most iconic brands in the UK and we want to make it available to as many consumers as we can,” said Jean-Philippe Nier, head of e-commerce at Kraft Heinz UK.

“The path to purchase to our products is much more fragmented now and we want to be where our consumers are,” he added. “When we look at our consumers’ behaviours, they have become omni and multichannel. They could buy Heinz varieties with their main shop in store or online, top up through a rapid delivery channel, buy a gift for family or a friend with our personalised products on Heinz to Home or also buy our meal occasions bundles on eBay or Amazon.” 

Fulfilment of the eBay store – heinz_official_store – is being handled by iForce, an Eddie Stobart subsidiary that works with Tesco, Waitrose, John Lewis, Aldi and Lidl on their e-commerce operations.

The online logistics provider works on behalf of several brands to operate their eBay stores, including Walkers Crisps, which has made 4,325 sales on eBay in the past 12 months.

“Ebay has 28 million active buyers and we just need to make our products available to them,” Nier said. “Marketplaces have a role to play in our online strategy and we see lots of opportunities to test and learn with eBay around meals occasions bundles.” 

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