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The Grocer is hosting a day-long virtual conference on ‘How to Build a Sustainable Brand’

Taking place on 24 March, the conference will bring together a wide range of speakers, including the leading retailers, progressive brands and other experts and consultants, in a day-long programme focusing on how brands of all shapes and size within grocery can justifiably be considered sustainable in today’s marketplace. 

The conference will include original research on shopper priorities towards sustainability, the environment and health. And set out over five 45-minute sessions other sessions will tackle some of the crucial issues that brands need to consider in developing sustainability credentials, including net zero commitments, closed loop grocery, how to avoid greenwashing, the role of marketing and social media, and the latest alternative packaging developments. 

Each of the sessions will feature a keynote presentation, plus a live Q&A, and delegates will be able to ask questions of the speakers both in advance and during the session. Cutting-edge virtual conference technology will also enable delegates to ‘meet’ and ’network’ with other delegates and sponsors as well as speakers during the day, while a catch-up service will be available for those who miss a session.  

Adam Leyland, editor of The Grocer, said: “The coronavirus pandemic has knocked back progress on sustainability in all sorts of ways: plastic consumption and food waste; recycling programmes; rampant online delivery growth. Yet for consumers concerns about the environment haven’t gone away. What’s more there’s a heap of new legislation coming through, new environmental commitments are being made, new deadlines being set. So it’s more important than ever that retailers and suppliers get back up to speed on the new environment.  

“We’re therefore bringing together a wide range of fantastic speakers in one ‘virtual’ room to discuss some of the key areas that are likely to be of most importance to brands in building a sustainable brand in a one-day conference. And we won’t stop there. The Grocer will be hosting further webinars throughout the year to ensure that sustainability, the environment and this precious planet is brought back to the top of the agenda.” 

The full list of speakers will be finalised shortly. Potential applications to speak at the conference are also welcome.

The cost of a ticket is £125. Or it’s free if you’re a Gold or Platinum subscriber. For more information on the programme and to book tickets click here

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