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4 August 2021
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4 August 2021


The John Lewis Partnership is donating four million healthy meals to children and families in need over the summer.

The group will be working with charity network FareShare and two key fruit and vegetable Waitrose farmers and suppliers to provide healthy snacks to over 3,000 charities and local organisations throughout the country.

This will include over four million fruits such as bananas, grapes, stone fruit and melon as well as tomatoes and cucumber.

Other initiatives also include making an annual donation of £200,000 to the Trussell Trust, an NGO that works with food banks across the UK, as well as encouraging customers to donate to charities fighting food poverty via their own DONR platform.

Ethics & sustainability director at JLP, Marija Rompani, said the “sad reality” is many young children go hungry during the summer holidays.

“We know many families are struggling this summer and we want to do our part,” she said. “We can’t act in isolation and are thrilled so many food businesses are joining us in taking an active role this summer to help vulnerable families in need. If we all join together in tackling this issue, we can help end child poverty for good.”

John Lewis and Waitrose have worked with FareShare for several years, including in their latest Farm to Family initiative, which saw 514 tonnes of surplus food being diverted from British farms to families in need between March and July this year.

In addition, the JLP has pledged to pour £2m into its Give a Little Love campaign earlier this year, which aims to help those affected the hardest by the pandemic.

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