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19 March 2021
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22 March 2021

Lucozade has denied claims it has fallen victim to shrinkflation.

Shoppers took to social media this week to air their frustration at finding one-litre bottles of Lucozade Energy had been knocked down to 900ml – a 10% reduction in size – without a corresponding reduction in price on shelf.

The soft drinks giant responded quickly to complaints, tweeting it was “changing our 1 litre Lucozade Energy bottle to a 900ml size so we can continue selling it for £1 as we know it’s an important price for our customers” and stressed ”prices in store are set by the retailer”.

In another tweet the brand added: “We make any changes to our drinks reluctantly, but if we’re going to continue to sell Lucozade Energy for the long-term we have to occasionally increase the price. We do so rarely and we think we’re competitive with the other drinks you’ll see on store shelves.”

A third tweet said the change meant the business could “continue to sell our drinks for the long-term and still make positive changes to our range – like new flavours and formats”.

The brand’s entire range of 1l bottles has been affected by the size change.

However, Lucozade owner Suntory Beverage & Food GB & Ireland told The Grocer it had reduced the RSP from £1.99 for a 1l bottle to £1.50 for a 900ml bottle, with retailers able to set their own prices.

A spokesman said the brand had “made a number of changes to our pack formats that help us to offer compelling value to our consumers across a range of drink-later occasions”.

It was “introducing a 900ml bottle in place of 1l packs, a bigger 1.45l bottle this month and a 12-can 330ml multipack”, he added.

“As part of our ongoing commitment to sustainability, we’ve used this as an opportunity to introduce a transparent label to our Lucozade Energy bottles, making the drinks far easier to recycle back into new bottles.”

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