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10 May 2021
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Morrisons today unveiled its new plastic-free loyalty scheme, including a range of personalised rewards and the option of donating to charities.

Branded My Morrisons: Make Good Things Happen, the replacement for its More Card is based on instant rewards instead of customers saving up for points to spend in store.

As well as personalised offers, the My Morrisons app has been updated to become a home for all of Morrisons’ online services including, food boxes and Morrisons’ café takeaway menu.

The supermarket said in the coming weeks further features will launch, including the opportunity for customers to give back to the community or claim what it calls ‘Basket Bonus’ rewards.

In March, Morrisons announced it was phasing out its plastic loyalty card, which launched in 2016, after a major shift towards online shopping which it said had hugely accelerated the move towards digital devices.

The retailer also said it was responding to environmental concerns about the use of plastic, although it has refused to put a date on when the millions of existing cards in circulation will no longer be accepted.

Shoppers will have until 9 August to redeem unclaimed ‘Morrisons More Fivers’ and have 56 weeks to spend them.

Customers who prefer to use a physical card will still be able to use their existing one, although no new plastic cards will be produced from this week.

The My Morrisons App can be downloaded from the Android or Apple stores and then swiped in store to redeem rewards. Customers can register online at or can continue to use their card to redeem paper vouchers printed at the till when they shop.

“The launch of My Morrisons enables us to make good things happen for our customers, rewarding them with instant offers every time they shop at Morrisons,” said Morrisons’ head of digital marketing Waseem Haq.

“Over the last 12 months, we have seen more and more of our customers use our apps and online services and are so excited to be launching the new My Morrisons app today for customers.”

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