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Native Snacks has launched what it claims is the world’s first vegan prawn cracker range.

Its new snacks – called Pr*wn Crackers – are made with tapioca starch as a base alongside plant-based prawn flavouring, and have rolled out in two flavours: Original Prawn and Sweet Chilli.

The brand’s founders had been “shocked to learn that prawn farming has a larger carbon footprint per kilo than beef”, inspiring the launch, said Native Snacks. 

The snacks themselves contain 93 and 97 calories respectively per serving.

They had “been created not just for vegans but for the environmentally-conscious consumer wanting to cut down on their fish intake, those cracker fans with a sustainable outlook, or those who might just want a new and exciting type of snack”, the brand added.

“We loved eating prawn crackers as kids and no Friday night takeaway felt right without a bag,” said Native Snacks co-founder Charlie Bowker. “We always had some friends who couldn’t eat them due to being veggie or vegan.”

Plus “we knew from looking at the meny vegan Instagram accounts we follow – many who have posted about wanting to find a [vegan] ‘prawn cracker’ – that the demand was there”, he added.

The snacks rolled into 222 Asda stores this week (4 October), and will also launch into Planet Organic and The Vegan Kind.

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